Sebastian ⭐️ Stan "Why did I say the thing" Stan. the 2 pics where he's in plaid are my faves lol he's so awkward it makes him adorable

"I am definitely going to screw up your night, tonight." He said it with this expression on his face.

Sebastian Stan as TJ Hammond in "Political Animals"

Sebastian Stan as TJ Hammond in "Political Animals". He always has so much pain in his eyes<------ And for that, I'm dead inside

Sebastian and Friends — Sebastian Stan Gif Hunt

❝we're all mad here, hatter❞ ☆.:*・° in which the mad hatter fell in love with the march hare ━ [seaso.


Sebastian Stan, Marvel's "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" UK Premiere

Sebastian Stan

It feels weird just adding pics of him to the board but what can I do but just admire him


A stray puppy I found wandering the was wary at first but I offered it sugarplums and it became very friendly