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Can we look at who is at the very top? R2D2 and C3PO. That's right. Star Wars reference.
Don't lead me on if you don't like me this is why I didn't want to have a crush again because I pick the worst guys my first was a fuckboy the second turned out to be gay and now you're a lier I like when we talk and the way you make me feel but i hate when you make me feel confused by broken_lonely_souls
Cuando tus amigas sin curvas se quejan acerca de lo voluptuosas que se sienten y estás como: “POR FAVOR”. | 23 Momentos incómodos que toda mujer voluptuosa conoce muy bien
*everyone i know gets up and leaves, because I'm hideous and full of stupid little depressing thoughts*
Is that Adam in the cage?
So, when is she coming back?
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