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Alva the Wayfarer, Dark Souls II, this is an NPC knight enemy in Dark Souls II his armour represents the stylised knight armour that i would like my character to have influenced, the cloth around the armour makes for interesting embellishments.

the-warmonger-barbarian-medieval-sword-1320.jpg (800×4544)

This image represents the sword that Romeo used to kill multiple people throughout the play, including Paris, Tybalt, etc.

Оружейное искусство

Armoured breastplate (metal), Negroli, Filippo / Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence, Italy / The Bridgeman Art Library I the heart shaped cutouts.

robot hand

robot hand drawing cuz my brother broke his arm and i'm gonna draw this on his cast.


Character by Philip Harris GenoisProject: Syn - Dark Elf - This is the final project of my Bachelor degree at Centre NAD, in Montreal.