Kankri Vantas

Kankri Vantas

Suomi,Espoo / Sch99l can suck my butt and the teachers can g9 fuc themselves right the fuc n9w!! This has been fuc sch99l by Kankri Vantas
Kankri Vantas
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The Dolorosa and The Sufferer from Homestuck, by Dixieplanet.

The Dolorosa from Homestuck (cries silently in a corner)

... This is referencing something, right? I'm presuming anime, given the style of the suits and the pose/pattern of people. Can't for the life of me remember what, though. But wwhatevver. It's still awesome. #homestuck

This is a really awesome fanart Homestuck trolls

Fanart by Neungson. Jade Harley, Dave Strider, Rose Lalonde and John Egbert from Homestuck.

nice The witch, the knight, the seer, the heir Homestuck fanart by neungson on Tumbl.

Holy shit people HOLY SHIT. Look at that, goddamn it's beautiful! ~(♥○♥)~(4.13.13 by ~mariyei on deviantART)

Look at that, goddamn it's beautiful! by ~mariyei on deviantART) Beautiful


Did anyone else realize the artist put Dirk with the villains?<<< this is my favorite Homestuck fanart and my favorite artist