Love came down and rescued me, love came down and set me free, I am yours, I am forever yours.

spiritualinspiration: “ “…I will free you from their bondage and I will rescue you with an outstretched arm…” (Exodus AMP). No matter what’s going on in your life, no matter how somebody is.

Untranslatable Words | Maptia // waldeinsamkeit, cualacino, iktsuarpok, komorebi, pochemuchka, sombremésa, jayus, pana po'o, dépaysement, goya, mångata

Funny pictures about 11 Untranslatable Words. Oh, and cool pics about 11 Untranslatable Words. Also, 11 Untranslatable Words.

Love yourself AND if you WANT to change...then commit to it!

Loving your body only when it’s in perfect shape is like loving your children only when they’re well-behaved.

Interview Prep Tips

Ten great interview prep tips - check this out if youve got any interviews lined up over the holiday break.