Things my man would like

Things my man would like

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Easy Strawberry Margarita Pops | Summer Buzz: The 25 Best Boozy Popsicles

The innovative Keysmart key ring. Awesome!

Lavender vanilla bourbon cocktail

Glamping with a handmade lotus tent (on Etsy)

DIY tiki torches

Women's Color Block Sexy Spaghetti Straps Design Swimwear

  • DW Ferrell
    DW Ferrell

    Yes, your man does like that.

10 stunning overwater bungalows

Beer Jelly 3-Pack: Orange Hefeweizen, Raspberry Hefeweizen & Hard Apple Cider

Philips Fidelio SoundAvia AirPlay Speaker AD7000W/37 Product Shot

  • DW Ferrell
    DW Ferrell

    I don't know why AirPlay speakers cost so much. This is the lowest cost I've seen... and I can't imagine paying more than $70 for something like this. I also like speakers that you can separate left and right speakers to expand the stereo sound... and a separate woofer for strong base. None of these "all in one" speakers make sense to me. They look nice, but I don't want to see speakers at all.

Boxee TV, now exclusively at Walmart. Has everything: a digital tv tuner, netflix, vudu, "unlimited" dvr recording, wifi, youtube, and any of our home videos and photos. NICE. I'm pretty sure it will work with our old (but nice) Apple monitors if we use a DVI to HDMI male adapter. I'm just not sure which type of DVI we have... if they are DVI-D or DVI-I.

  • Karissa Ferrell
    Karissa Ferrell

    It didn't get very good reviews ;-?

  • DW Ferrell
    DW Ferrell

    Karissa Ferrell It's getting great reviews with the tech crowd, but not on Walmart's site, but I feel like it's a solid product aside from what Walmart customers think. It includes 2-months of free Netflix as well, even for existing subscribers. If we aren't satisfied we can take it back for a full refund. Also, it works with AirPlay! So it's like two for the price of one, and costs less than the cheapest AirPlay speakers out there. We could get some shielded PC speakers for about $30 and hook them up to the Boxee in our bedroom, and also hook the Boxee up to the large Mac monitor using the connector below.

Fee brother's bitters

WANT. Steve Madden Boxcar Boot.

Au, militaire. I wish I could see this on a person. Looks rad.

Very nice for the price.

This is DOPE. Just DOPE. Available in black too. Not sure which I prefer! On Ebay:

  • DW Ferrell
    DW Ferrell

    Thanks Karissa Ferrell for getting this for me!

Brown or black? BOTH.

I can't decide if I'd prefer black or charcoal. Probably black.

"Put a bird on it" Pay a Bird Call iPhone Case, #ModCloth

"Put a bird or it!" bird scallop printed rug

Audrey Hepburn

  • DW Ferrell
    DW Ferrell

    I like this, but it might get a little itchy on my head.

Cardigan / knit jacket

Kiss the Cook by Steotch, via Flickr

Swimming pool to look like pond.


Yes, that's an iPhone in there. All the buttons work, and there's also a working viewfinder. It also comes with an oldskool leather case.