Every time I think of my wings, I can't imagine them... I think they're injured... Taken from me? Maybe. Seems fitting with the 3 arrows in my back.

Dame almost had his wings torn off by his father but luckily Barris saved him before his father could

photography // creative // abstract // absent minded // aesthetic // bright // contrast // art

Harry Potter Next Generation Confessions - Teddy had an excellent relationship with the Potter-Weasley's. He was the best older brother/ cousin you could ask for

When it’s gone, you’ll know what a gift love was. You’ll suffer like this. So go back and fight to keep it. -  Ian McEwan

max and violet if they become buds :') help each other u both need positive relationships ☆

Writing on Depression

The silence when you put your head under the water. All thoughts cease for just a moment and you take a few seconds to realize your alive.

Fallen Tree, Cold Hands, Sweet Dreams, Oc, Dan Humphrey, Jake Peralta, Stan Marsh, Tim Drake, Karting

some of her other scars

"I wonder what you'd look like if your skin could scar, your cuts could bleed and your bones could break and stay broken. I wonder what kind of person you would be if you could suffer the consequences of your actions for longer than a second Jax".