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Pry it open with your love.

Joseph W Shields. You've expressed this to me multiple times. "I wouldn't change a thing, Beautiful. Always and forever, it's going to be you and me. You have a temper and are crazy passionate, but that's what I love about you. You live with passion."


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Keep yourself healthy and your body will thank you for it. Treat your body healthy and you'll see that your body can heal itself easier and feeling better regularly. If you put crap in then you're going to feel like crap.


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You are a luminous being of unfathomable light. You shine past the vast expanse of all space and time. Were you to hold a mirror to 'Who You Truly Are' you would see, the infinity of love you were created to Be, a divine light for all. Wings of Grace ❤࿐

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Yes. I'm feeling this. Super challenges lately, but I keep hearing a whisper that says, Don't stop... Keep going... You're on the right track. Trusting the flow, even through some minor moments of doubt and panic. Lol. Thank god that shit never lasts too long and there's always a *sign* right around the corner. (image via @25park )

SACRED ALCHEMY late...He said: I used to call her crazy...but now I realize that she was simply a woman fighting hard for love, for me. And now, I would do anything to get " crazy" back.

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