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  • Sexy Yoga School
    Sexy Yoga School

    Hi Kate with a Camera, I'm a fan of your board. :) Can I contribute some of my favorite pins here as well? Thank you!

Hello motivation!!

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best. quote. ever.

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I'd run in this

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I love incline interval workouts! TREADMILL SHREDMILL WORKOUT! It's 45 min long with a 5 min cooldown.

Treadmill Shredmill Workout!


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No Excuses! Motivational Quotes to Get You Moving

Brazilian butt workout

Brazilian Butt Cardio Workout: Boost Your Butt With Cardio!

Challenging runners workout

20 Minute Treadmill Workout - Itty Bits of Balance

intermediate treadmill workout

Treadmill Workouts Advanced - Itty Bits of Balance

Work harder.

Mental Toughness and The Law Of Attraction

Barre Workouts For Your Arms, Legs, and Butt. Use kitchen counter if you don't have a barre.

5 Barre Workouts to Tone Your Body

Motivational words: train insane or remain the same.

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  • Priscilla Aragundi
    Priscilla Aragundi

    Love this shirt

Her blog is full of great info on getting in shape!

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I got this!

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inspiring weight loss story. see here for progress pics: www.mamalaughlin....

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What 200 calories looks like.

Interesting Comparisons - Wellsphere
  • Jacqy G
    Jacqy G

    where are the pizza and cheeseburgers? haha

  • Tania Vann
    Tania Vann

    that is so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Making old t-shirts into workout shirts

DIY Tank Top: Fashion on a Budget


This isn’t sweat. It’s liquid awesome. | Running Quotes

4 week program - Four Weeks To Fit Again: Weeks 1-2

at home circuit

At Home Workouts | Peanut Butter Fingers

One pinned said: This girl lost about 40 lbs. She posted her meal plan, workouts, plus the research to back it all up. - Body Transformation: A Model Transformation
  • Chelsea Pagnini
    Chelsea Pagnini

    wow..such an inspiration

  • Renee

    good job!


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Weight Loss Motivation How To Find It And Keep It
  • Joy Green-Foster
    Joy Green-Foster

    This is my favorite saying

  • Rebekah Newsom
    Rebekah Newsom

    I'm at Like plan double a AA