Kathleen Bridge

Kathleen Bridge

Long Island, NY/Melbourne Beach, FL  ·  Author of the Hamptons Home and Garden Mysteries and the A by the Sea Mystery series, Gardener, Antique Dealer and DIY Fixer-upper. Mom, Photographer.
Kathleen Bridge
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Smokey the Bear ...only YOU can prevent forest fires - 60's

Smokey the Bear .only YOU can prevent forest fires - Have you noticed that now he is called just Smokey Bear insted of Smokey THE Bear as he was called in my childhood. Does anyone remember why he was called Smokey the Bear?

Home Perms. Bet you can smell it right now. - ewww, yep. Thanks, Mom!

Home Perms! I can still smell the smell. Oh how I remember these. Toni was a company that produced home perm sets, and they also offered Tonette for young girls, Mom gave me these home perms several times and they really smelled!

Vent windows on cars

This was called a vent window, sometimes a wing. Its purpose was to deflect the wind when you had the window down. Perhaps to influence more car buyers to select the A/C option, auto makers phased out the vent window in

Liddle Kiddles Violet. Oh my gosh! I loved these little dolls.

Liddle Kiddles - dolls originally produced by Mattel in They were introduced at the 1966 New York Toy Fair. Initially about 3 inches tall, they were tiny by doll standards. I just got a flashback of her smell!