KATIE HOLTEN, Trees of the USA VII (Pines), 2008, ink on paper, 101,3 x 76 cm, in frame

Pine trees on my fingers? That'd be a hella cool tattoo. KATIE HOLTEN, Trees of the USA VII (Pines), ink on paper, x 76 cm, in frame

To one day get a meaningful tattoo. Not big or gaudy, but simple. I love these.----------love the feather behind the ear. very nice.


These bind runes are based on the Elder Futhark Norse runic alphabet. Bind runes are runes put together to serve a purpose. (Typically, they are burned into a piece of wood.

need a tattoo to tie me over til my big one - im thinking EARTH

Alchemical Emblems, Occult Diagrams, and Memory Arts: Alchemy Symbols. Pinned to this board to compare it with Celtic symbols.

I love the music notes behind the ear and I think anything on the outside edge of the foot with a sexy heel (within reason) will look good. I do really love the idea of a collarbone tattoo.

Well, we just have one life.

Well, we just have one life. I want to get a tattoo of the word or number one. To temind me we only have one life and once chance to make the most of it

Side / ribs tattoo, love this quote from Harry potter TATTOOS | tattoos picture rib tattoo

“The ones that love us never really leave us.” Harry Potter quote as a tattoo - love the placement, quote and font