This might be the best pin I've ever pinned. EVER.

BERRY hot men: Random hotties (29 photos)

the men of grey's anatomy, missing Justin Chambers aka Alex Karev …people wonder why i still watch this show

Grey's Anatomy, cried like a baby when i saw this scene.

Day 16 of the Grey's Anatomy 30 Day Photo Challenge - Favorite Elevator Scene I'm changing my favorite elevator scene. I forgot about his scene. This is by far my favorite elevator scene.


The hot dog eating contest "You wanna be me, but you can't be me" (This gets me every single time)

Because it’s what Jesus would freaking do! -Izzie Stevens (Grey's Anatomy): This makes me laugh EVER time!

Grey's Anatomy rules-haha Dani thats totally you

You Know Youre a Greys Anatomy Fan When

You Know You're a Grey's Anatomy Fan When - oddly enough yes!

Truer words were never said. "That episode of Grey's Anatomy didn't make me cry this time." Said no real Grey's fan ever!<--- my life