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Shower Steamers and Melts Made with Essential Oils

Essential oil shower steamers and melts-- No time for baths, but love the aromatherapy benefits of bath bombs? Try shower melts! 15+ ideas for essential oil blends to use in shower steamers (1) to wake up & feel energized, (2) to calm and relax, (3) to uplift and (4) to support clear breathing.

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How to Reuse Essential Oil Bottles

How to Reuse Your Empty Essential Oil Bottles - Don't toss your empty bottles. Clean and reuse them. Great for making custom blends, roll-ons, sample bottles, travel bottles and more!!

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Make your own amazing LUSH inspired DIY Bath Bombs! Copycat tutorial by The Makeup Dummy Health and Beauty Tips and Recipes

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DIY reusable cleaning wipes

Everyone loves convenience. There's nothing more convenient than just reaching for a wipe and cleaning up a mess. But I always hate throwing them away- it feels so wasteful. So I came up with a solution: DIY reusable cleaning wipes! These wipes are totall

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Top 5 Lotion Bar Recipes

Super easy, super amazing lotion bars.

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How A Normal Person Uses Essential Oils In Her Daily Life

Ever wonder how a normal person uses essential oils in her daily life? Here is a snapshot of how essentials oils can work in the most normal of households.

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25 Essential Oil Rollerball Blends & Recipes For Families

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Baking Soda, Vinegar & Tea Tree Oil - Clean Every Gross Job In Your House

These 3 ingredients - baking soda, white vinegar & melaleuca essential oil are the household-cleaner power trinity able to clean every gross job imaginable. Here are some easy ways they degrime, deodorize, clean and unclog the tough jobs in your house.

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How To Make A Powerful Homemade Shower Cleaner

This homemade shower and tub cleaner cuts through stubborn soap scum like nobody’s business, plus it clings to the walls and floor, rather than running right down the drain.

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Homemade Lemon & Lavender Linen Spray with Young Living Essential Oils. Easy Homemade Lemon & Lavender Linen Spray with Essential Oils. Make your sheets, towels and home fresh smelling with a recipe for organic air freshener.

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