Baby Sloth By Ljudmila Donodina - Bear Pile

Baby Sloth By Ljudmila Donodina - Bear Pile <- even stuffed animal sloths are tok cute for words!

(≡´•.̫ • `≡) sweet baby kitten

"Kittens are wide-eyed, soft and sweet, with needles in their jaws and feet." --Pam Brown Take care of your to view our complete range of pet grooming products.


My heart 😻 This little kitten is so cute! What an adorable people like expression. One blue eye, one green, one lone orange spot on it's nose and one grey by eye and ear. Such unique markings.

Cute yorkie

This is, well was what my puppy looked like, when he was a lil' guy! Now he is all grown up, and not such a lil' guy!

British shorthair cat, cream colour

British shorthair cat, cream colour- I'm not a cat person but this kitty is adorable

Sweet kitty!

Extremely Cute Kitten - 2nd February 2015

Kaatt Look At Your Phone Oh And A Super Cute Kitty ths one is a heartbreaker.