batteredshoes: “ cryptofwrestling: “ A classic Japanese Wrestling poster with Mil Mascaras & Spyros (Spiros) Arion Vs. Giany Baba & Antonio Inoki ” Mil Mascaras, Superstar ”

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Everything you need to know about Should you trust your conscious or unconscious mind to make the best decision?

summer. slurpees. ocean. beach. crop tops. tanning. sprinklers. boys. popsicles. blonde hair. blue eyes. frozen yogurt. jelly beans. tie dye. peace signs. lava lamps. weed. trampolines. music. palm...


As a teacher to 24 and graders this year I fell into the craze of Legos, Star Wars, and Lego Star Wars. I was never not a fan of Legos or Star Wars. If for any reason I wasn't, then this year with all the talk these little boys were doing, I would have…