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Spaghetti Sensory bins for "Adam and Eve sin in the garden of Eden". Talking about snakes. Kids can play, scoop, cut with scissors, etc. Also painting with spaghetti on a separate table.

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Paper Plate Noah's Ark : use one paper plate for background. Draw a rainbow template to fit the size of your paper plate on a piece of paper. Cut out. Have child paint or color rainbow. Cut a second paper plate in half and staple to the bottom for the "ark". Have child paint it brown. There will now be a pocket where kids can put animal crackers or animal die cuts inside.

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Meal Planning 101

Lot's of bible crafts at this site

Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities

Plagues on Egypt : make an Egyptian headband

Egyptian Crafts

Joshua's Shofar : dollar store birthday party horn + decorated brown craft paper.

Joshua's Shofar

Joseph's Coat : a template for Joseph and his coat. Use bright colored paper or wall paper samples and either cut out into squares or have the kids cut out and glue on.

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Baby Moses : print the baby and basket template, have the kids color. Glue baby moses onto blue construction paper and then have the kids make green and brown handprints around the baby to make the reeds.

Free baby Moses crafts, activities, lesson

Baby Jesus in a manger craft: instead of the wooden doll, a peanut in it's shell would work and be much cheaper.

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