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Painting with cooked spaghetti

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Bubblewrap Paintbrush: Tape a square of bubblewrap to a TP roll.

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Draw in sharpie and then watercolor.

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stamping with pencil erasers

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Salad spinner art

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string painting: lots of other cool ways of painting at this site.

Paint Splatter and Fun Messy Paint Smock Activities

Eye dropper paintings

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A different spin on spin art: using only paper plates.

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bubble painting

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Bubble wrap printing: I've done this with the kids before but it didn't look nearly as beautiful. I think it's the multicolors and the white borders.

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Salt Painting: so beautiful!

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Snap painting with elastic bands.

Blog Archive » mini snap painting

magnet painting: so fun.

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watercolor on doilies : can even buy heart shaped doilies for Valentine's

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Modern Parents Messy Kidsfrom Modern Parents Messy Kids

We Tried It! - Milk Colors

milk + food coloring + dishsoap + toothpick : The fun is in the mixing of colors, but kids can "paint" paper towels afterwards.

We Tried It! - Milk Colors - Modern Parents Messy Kids

Make this puffy paint with self-rising flour, salt and food coloring. Cook in the microwave to puff up.

Holiday activity - puff paint in the microwave

white crayon + bingo daubers

Dot Markers & Bingo Markers Art

Painting with balloons


Aluminum Foil + Sharpies (or even Crayola markers) : simple but very striking.

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Use glue, salt, and watercolor. The glue makes the colors rise from the paper and the salt creates a 'starburst' look.

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Condensed milk painting. It doesn't drip, and leaves behind a shiny, glossy picture.

Painting with condensed milk