pic source:  Torbjørn Rødland  http://gallery.digipixture.com/post/72422871652/arpeggia-torbj-rn-r-dland-hand-on-fire-2008

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베트남의 항손둥 동굴

Son Hang Doong, the World's Largest Cave, National Park Phong Nha Ke Bang, Vietnam. Photography by Ryan Deboodt, via

Pink and Blue - the perfect sky and still water for a pastel inspiration

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windy day in norway

This picture describes glamour of a windy day in Norway. The wind flows over a wheat field. Another awesome picture which showing the beauty of nature.

♀ 제이나프라우드무어

Lake Sorvagsvatn, Faroe Islands above the Ocean (Faroe Islands, Denmark between Norway and Iceland)