cool stuff for teens | Trying to select the right plastic furniture for teen rooms can be a ...

Check out these top 12 lovely chairs! Chairs are more than just comfortable pieces of furniture. A great chair design can enliven the room and be memorable.

"Tween fashion" Totally me, minus the shoes.

Gray Flowy Shirt, Green Leggings, Black Sneakers, Necklaces, and Pink Lipgloss

When I grow up im going to have to be rich if I want all this cool stuff in my home!!

Going down stairs are so mainstream. Imagine sliding down from the floor to the first. Talk about fun! But, I will need stairs so I can walk up to the rooms. But, an indoor slide is good when coming down.

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Artistic Tiger Face Tee - View All Sale - Sale - dELiA*s I would like it if there was no sleeves