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{DOG FRIENDLY} Gardens & Yards

I love gardening, but so many plants are dangerous and toxic to our pets. In order to have a dog friendly garden, you've got to do your research. These are some of my favourite pet friendly plants.
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Stop a Dog from Digging

If you have a dog who is a digger, creating a designated "digging box" can help. You can build one from dirt or stone to match your garden - or use a kid's wading pool or sandbox for a bit of colour! Teach your dog to dig in this area by hiding treats and toys in the dirt.

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Bamboo makes a gorgeous and lush addition to any pet friendly garden - but be cautious! This plant is an aggressive spreader and will pop up all over your yard. We love it planted in containers for big impact and low maintenance.

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Hanging baskets are a great way to grow strawberries in a dog friendly garden. It keeps the fruit up off the ground and protects it from fruit thieving puggles (or dogs who might use it as a potty spot).

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Growing Hens and Chicks

This lushly coloured semi-succulent "hens & chickens" plant is dog friendly and gorgeous!

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Sherman from @My Brown Newfies and I totally agree that sunflowers make a beautiful addition to any dog friendly garden.

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who knew? blueberries thrive in container gardens! I'm definitely trying this next summer! Koly will be thrilled.

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This mix of succulent sedum and fragrant lavendar makes an interesting dog, friendly mixed planter (unless you think lavender smells like your grandma, like I do!)

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Bee balm is so easy to grow and it can help attract butterflies, hummingbirds and beneficial bees to your dog friendly garden.

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