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Hello! My name is Kristina Howell and my mission is to offer the opportunity for the sharing of experiences and information related to health.
Kristina Howell
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Exclusive: First U.S. Baby Born After a Uterus Transplant

Woman With Transplanted Uterus Gives Birth the First in the U. DENISE GRADY A woman born without a uterus had one transplanted from a live donor and gave birth to a healthy son at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas.

Heres What It Would Cost to Fix the Opioid Crisis According to 5 Experts

Heres What It Would Cost to Fix the Opioid Crisis According to 5 Experts

Life After Opioid Addiction

Ron and Carla’s overdose is a grim reminder of the deadly opioid crisis in America. Every day, about 100 people die from opioid overdoses.

No One is Coming: Investigation Reveals Hospices Abandon Patients at Deaths Door

American hospice agencies promise to be available around-the-clock to help patients dying in their homes, but that promise is broken in an alarming number of cases.

Its Possible to Actually Sweat Blood a New Study Says

Profuse sweating can lead to embarrassing pit stains and discomfort, sure. But you are sweating sweat. This Italian patient sweats blood.

5 Extremely Successful People and Their Insane Workout Routines

How do successful people stay in shape? Learn the workout routines of these 5 business leaders.

It Just Got Easier for Companies to Drop Free Birth Control Coverage

Trump's administration issued a long-rumored, revised birth control mandate that could deny birth control to hundreds of thousands of women.

Why Your Health Care Costs Are Out of Control in One Graph

With recent renewal increases ranging from this year, the exploding trend of higher cost sharing by employees is resulting in much higher deductibles.

Being Bored at Work Is Actually a Good Thing Research Says

In this excerpt from 'Bored and Brilliant,' author and podcast host Manoush Zomorodi makes the case that employers should let their workers space out more.

What Happens When a Hurricane Hits a Hospital: This Week in Health

Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston with flooding, and the well being hazards of flood waters within the space stay certainly one of many lasting considera

How Venus Williams Eats and Sleeps for the U.S. Open

How Venus Williams Eats and Sleeps for the U.