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Katie Griffith

I love what I love. clean lines, vintage dresses, yummy food, organizing, and funky things.
Katie Griffith
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Clean eating GROCERY LIST --Grocery shopping is an inevitable part of a good wellness routine — if you want to eat well, you have to be prepared. I find it helpful to have a list that I consistently go back to each week to make

Homemade Chicken Broth

Nothing beats the flavor of homemade chicken broth. If you make this recipe in large batches, you can freeze it in sturdy containers for up to 3 months. Plus, the cooked chicken in our recipe can be added to other dishes.

Healthy Chicken and Lime Soup

AMAZING Chicken & cilantro lime soup- I added a can of black beans and a dollop of sour cream. So flavorful and the lime kicks it up a notch. Because winter time means SOUP! Lots and LOTS of SOUP!

10 National Park Trails to Hike Before You Die | Red Rover Camping

The National Parks Service turns 100 in 2016 and we're celebrating with this list of our favorite trails to hike in the parks all around the United States.

If you stop to think about, it’s quite odd that we flush our wastewater into the rivers where we live only for the next community downstream to siphon off the water, clean it, and use it to water their lawns and brush their teeth before repeating the entire process once again. It would seem to make more sense to use clean water for things like drinking and bathing and then use the water again for things that don’t require a potable source, like irrigating the landscape.

Wetland species have the ability cleanse household wastewater. Here& how to set a backyard filtration system and graywater oasis.

How to Grow Orchids in a Terrarium

Orchid terrariums allow you to maintain consistency in the growing environment. You can monitor and control humidity, light, temperature and air flow.

Orchids for beginners: an experienced grower tells how she cares for her orchids and what you need to know to get started at home.

Orchids for beginners: find out which orchids are good starter plants and the basic care involved - DIY Fairy Gardens