Installation Aerial par Monika Grzymala :: Du ruban adhésif, de la patience et…

Installation Aerial par Monika Grzymala

Installation Aerial par Monika Grzymala :: Tape, patience and imagination Aerial is a facility of the Berlin artist Monika Grzymala, made entirely with a big black tape, she dresses a column and two white walls with incredible dexterity.

Michel François - Retenue d'eau, 1998

Michel François - I think this idea is very interesting. The piece when combined is awesome. The bags of water hanging together give the piece a heavy weight.

Darstellung, wie sich Gedanken entwickeln, vertiefen, ausbreiten...

A Gust of Wind by Pauls Cocksedge, an installation of 300 sheets of corian engraved with the words "Idea Tray" and a series number and suspended like sheets of falling paper at the Victoria & Albert Museum for the London Design Festival

Livia Marin. YESSS!!!! Love the juxtaposition here between form and shape. The…

Thanks to The Jealous Curator for sharing the ceramic work of London-based Chilean artist Livia Marin. These gorgeous pieces are from her series titled Nomad Patterns

geometric 'roof' hanging

An awesome installation by Via Grafik, a graphic design studio and an art collective based in Wiesbaden, Germany. Titled Sooner Or Later it All Comes Down, and really feels like it’s about to come crashing down any minute!

RICHARD SERRA, INTERSECTION II 1992-93: walking in and around giant sculptures.

Monumental minimalist artist Richard Serra is 73 today… Richard Serra: Intersection II, - Weatherproof steel, Four identical conical sections (The Museum of Modern Art, New York, Gift of Jo.

Herman de Vries: "Ruimtelijke toevals-structuur", 1965 (Rekonstruktion…

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by Torbjørn Kvasbø unnamed). fast and easy version could be made using extruded clay

ParinaZ Jabirian – Page 2 – PORCELAIN EVOLUTION LAB

Fenella Elms - Ceramics Artist - Edges - fine ribbons of porcelain delicately aligned and joined to create intricate sculptures

Apiculture by John Stark. #Bienen

Apiculture by John Stark: I thought this was an interesting display of the woods. It has the right splash of color where it's needed.

Textile art

Shibori Dyed Clothes delicate folds for a Boho style skirt. Either longer pieces of fabric or layers of ruffles. Think gauze-like fabric wouldn't be too full. Turquoise fabric with brown on the edge of the folds.