petrified wood table

This petrified wood table literally exemplifies long-lasting art. Petrification is a natural process in which minerals replace a plant's organic material, preserving it in fossilized form.

#Natural #Cabbage #Fractal / #purple #nature #art

Cut into a Cabbage and you'll find a Fractal - Inside of a thin cross-section of wood stalk there is a circular Fractal

Pot melts can mimic marbling! / #fused #glass #pot #melt #plate #dish #red #art #colourful #lava #marbling

Fused Glass Plate - likely pot melt Slab cut/sawed into squares, layered on plate & Refired.

#Polymer clay / I was JUST thinking of making fused glass necklaces with bobbles or murrini sticking out!

Whimsical Flower - pottery pendant necklace

Jasmin Winter | #Silver, enamel

An unusual color combination and bead shapes, I like it. Grey and orange works well here.

itty bitty kiln for pmc jewelry clay / Reminds me of a bee hive actually.

Hot Pot - Tiny Metal Kiln that takes the guesswork out of firing. Heats fast - from zero to 1200 degrees in two minutes. When fuel burns out your project is done.

#Ceramic Business Card Holder - Tiffany Blue / Oh goodness I bet I could make a fence in glass! Wonder if the surface texture would look strange though.

Little Bird On a White Picket Fence - Ceramic Business Card Holder - Blue Bird - MADE TO ORDER

DIY #kitchen decor? I see higher potential in this wooden spoon design, I just can't figure out what it is..

This would be a really cool idea for a kitchen decoration. Could paint the spoons or leave wooden? kitchen diy idea Need a spoon? Spoon theory anyone ?

#Sewn Cookie Pouch. Neat, cheap #packaging idea! #display

Sewn Paper Candy Pouch I love the one with MnMs.definitely a fun idea for Christmas, Birthdays, or party favors.