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Haha so sad but true! I'm really going to eat better though. God gave me this body and I choose to take care of it to show my gratitude and appreciation to Him! Imma eat my crap cuz Satan made my body


Some of "The Awkward Yeti" Comics. The tooth one is the tooth saying something like "If you keep eating all those sweets you'll get a cavity!" and then "I told you so!" The gall bladder ones made me kinda sad.


IT WORKS! I'M SCARED!>>>>> guys it actually worked!<---------------- It worked because when you read the word "yawn" you yawn.


Funny pictures about Before leaving your hotel room. Oh, and cool pics about Before leaving your hotel room. Also, Before leaving your hotel room.

30 Funny animal captions - part 13 (30 pics)

Funny pictures about Neighborhood watch. Oh, and cool pics about Neighborhood watch. Also, Neighborhood watch.

himterest - conquering pinterest for men - Part 5

Red Bull does give you wings! This adventurous Red Bull consumer promotes the brand while enjoying a wild ride.

I could watch this all day XD

Watch cute and silly yet funny cat gifs that will make you laugh like crazy. Enjoy our collection of funny cat videos and cute kitten gifs to make your day!

Accurate. Every single one. -E

If company logos and slogans were honest. laughed too hard at Activia, Target, and Pepsi