These 39 CVC word family mats are a great way for individuals or small groups of children to learn and practice reading and writing CVC words. Prep these once and enjoy them for years! The mats are self checking, so they are perfect for your phonics or word work station. They are also great for interventions.

Apples Literacy, Science, and Math Centers Unit! This unit includes 63 pages of printable literacy, science, writing, and math center games, worksheets, and activities. There are ideas for art projects and interactive writing, too. $

Getting them from here to there . . . setting up and getting started with literacy stations in kindergarten.

Rainbow Sight Words Literacy Center FREEBIE!

Sight Word Scavenger Hunt Center *Editable* for ALL YEAR! This set is 162 pages with 53 different themes to use through the year. $

Kindergarten Literacy Stations

Alphabet-Tastic Learning for Whole Group & RTI! This packet includes 215 pages of phonics fun! For each letter, there will be: "Letter on the Bus" song, letter tracing/handwriting practice, cut/glue lowercase/capital letters, and pictures for each letter. It also includes: class book of letter pictures, roll and race game, alphabet buses, alphabet flash cards, and much more! $

3 ways to read free poster to print...Mrs. Miner's Kindergarten Monkey Business: Daily 5 Freebie#

Print & Punch! A Year Long Literacy Center! Using a hole punch is so good for strengthening little hand muscles & developing fine motor skills. There are four pages per set. This center is differentiated and includes: beginning/middle/ending sounds, capital/lowercase matching, blends, and beginning/ending digraphs. $

Write the globe--I do this at the beginning of the year in kindergarten. They love to copy the words from the globe! Writing Center activities for literacy centers or the Daily 5. This is even great for early finishers!

Kindergarten Sight Word Interactive Notebook Activities

Writing Center activities for literacy centers or the Daily 5. This is even great for early finishers! Students can use thematic words to go along with the theme you are teaching.

This Blog is LOADED with reading / Daily 5 activities!

Phonological Awareness Interventions: Can You Hear Me Now? **Perfect for my Texas friends to help with TPRI!** This is meant to be a quick and easy review for whole or small group. This set includes beginning, middle, and ending sounds; blending; syllables; deleting initial and final sounds; sentence word count; rhyming; and stretching words. $

HOLY FREEBIES! Check out this blog post for a TON of word work freebies! #daily5 #wordword #workonwriting

Give me a C! Give me a V! Give me another C! What does it spell?

File Folder Activities for learning sight words. Hands-on activities perfect for centers!

Phonemic Awareness Intervention Kit. 16 hands on activities for teaching sound isolation, phoneme segmentation, blending and manipulation! Delivered right to your front door!

10 hands on activities for learning and practicing letters and sounds. Free printables too!

Amazing 185 page writing station! Perfect for work on writing or writer's workshop!

This monthly rhyming activity pack is a great way for students to learn and practice this challenging skill. It’s a tough one to teach and a tough one for students to master. They will definitely benefit from weekly practice, all year long, and this monthly pack will make it super easy for you to incorporate rhyming activities into your teaching day.

Labeling is such an important beginning reading/writing skill. These labeling sheets are perfect for our youngest learners. They contain fun words for the children to sound out and write. Even if they can only identify the first or last letter in the word, they can still try to figure out where the words go on each sheet, based on just those one or two sounds, because of the picture clues. Labeling is a great skill to help our students gain phonemic awareness.

Do your students dread writing? They won't if you implement this into your classroom!

Unbelievable writing center in action!