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LadyFingers Catering
Pittsburgh, PA / LadyFingers Catering serves food that is fresh, local and hand-made with style. And we love to share great recipes - both ours and others!
LadyFingers Catering
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The Wonderful World of Ramps - The Daily Beast

Chefs pay high prices for foraged foods—but there aren& always benefits for the people who pick them and the wild places they come from.

Fava Bean Purée Recipe - CHOW

The bright, earthy flavors of this fava bean spread are worth all that shelling.

Philadelphia Fish House Punch Recipe: Bon Appétit

Philadelphia Fish House Punch - Bon Appétit (peaches and thyme in bundt pan to make ice ring), cognac, gold rum, peach liqueur, fresh lemon juice and simple syrup).

Since Vodka Tastes Like Nothing, Add Flavor with Pineapple and Mint: BA Daily: Bon Appétit

Combine in large jar w/ bottle vodka & 2 mint sprigs. Let sit at least & up to (flavor will grow stronger longer it sits). Muddle strained-out pineapple & mint for drinks if desired.

Ramp and Mushroom Tart Recipe -

Ramp and Mushroom Tart--Brightened with lemon zest and peppery ramps, this mushroom and cheese tart makes a great breakfast or lunch with a salad.