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Lycanthropy Anthropomorphic Fenrir, werwolf half-bane wolfian Rougarou Skin-walker Therianthropy Werecat Anubis, Cerberus,


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Vorten Ravager by tjota for Zems online card game werewolf wererat monster creature beast animal | Create your own roleplaying game material w/ RPG Bard at | Writing inspiration for Dungeons & Dragons DND Pathfinder PFRPG Warhammer 40k Star Wars Shadowrun Call of Cthulhu and d20 fantasy science fiction scifi horror design | Not our art: please click artwork for source

Vorten Ravager by tjota on DeviantArt

Scold by Tatchit on deviantART

Scold by Tatchit on deviantART

S4 Ep11 "A Promise to the Dead" - Kate begins a transformation process.

Teen Wolf (Season 4) | Ep. 11 | A Promise To The Dead


Wolf and I by ~Potter-gay

❤♥They're back together at last!♥❤ #Wolfblood


Rob Bottin - The Howling #werewolf #shapeshifter #werewolves #fantasy #art

Rak by Tatchit gnoll dog jackal humanoid ranger fighter barbarian armor

Rak by Tatchit on DeviantArt

Piper, Colleen Peck on ArtStation at

Piper, Colleen Peck

Silent Anger by Kipine.deviantart... on @deviantART

Silent Anger by Kipine on deviantART

Graphic Design | Werewolves Vs Vampires by on @deviantART

More of the unused creature suit from The Wolfman (2010).

Arctic Dawn by DarkIceWolf

Arctic Dawn by DarkIceWolf on DeviantArt

Now this looks a lot like the A'Kllut, in 'Race of Shadows', the monstrous white wolf of the Arctic tundra. One of the mighty Amarrok demons, of which Ragnarrok was the most famous, and also one of the signs of the coming apocalypse! From 'The Darkling Chronicles'.

Mythological Creatures And Fantastic (images + Info)

Prescott Art Blog

Hour of the Wolf ~ Alchemy Gothic

NagiWolf -commission- by Rogue-Lgr

NagiWolf -commission- by Rogue-Lgr on deviantART

Werewolf in winter by SLBertsch.deviant... on @deviantART in the original story, the wolf won.

Werewolf in winter by SLBertsch on deviantART

Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo

Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo


Hear my roar by WolfRoad

Hear my roar by WolfRoad on DeviantArt

Werewolf Anatomy by =sugarpoultry on deviantART. Might use some of these as inspo for mine

Werewolf Anatomy by sugarpoultry on deviantART

Werewolf by ~mamba80

Werewolf sp by artoftas on deviantART