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Lycanthropy Anthropomorphic Fenrir, werwolf half-bane wolfian Rougarou Skin-walker Therianthropy Werecat Anubis, Cerberus,


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Stuff Goes Here, The Werewolf by TheMrWolf

The Scientific Nature of The Whammy

Been on a monster movie binge this past weekend.... - Chun Lo

herion werewolf by davidap

Howling Bastards - Herion Werewolf by David Arenas

Arthur Adams Art Costume

sketchalumps - trying to remember how i drew werewoof!reese the...

Just Art and Carnage — Warmup Doodle for Kigai by TeknicolorTiger

Art of Mr.Werewolf — you are planning to order some of my prints but...

Winter Moon by darknatasha.devia... on @DeviantArt

Winter Moon by darknatasha on DeviantArt

Love knows no boundaries by sakimichan.devian... on @DeviantArt

Love knows no boundaries by sakimichan on DeviantArt

Tundra Phantom by darknatasha.devia... on @DeviantArt

Tundra Phantom by darknatasha on DeviantArt

Blood Rage by Goldenwolf.devian... on @DeviantArt

Blood Rage by Goldenwolf on DeviantArt

Interloper by Goldenwolf.devian... on @DeviantArt

Interloper by Goldenwolf on DeviantArt


Werewolf X by Mago2007.devianta... on @deviantART

Werewolf X by Mago2007 on deviantART

GN7Gh_lLz_U.jpg (600×832)

Werewolves at full transformation

Werewolf by andybrase.deviant... on @deviantART

Werewolf by andybrase on deviantART