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Hershey's Syrup

Look! Chocolate syrup is the stepping stone to health! HOORAY!

Cake Appeal 1946 Wear Ever Aluminum Utensils Ads- For cakes That rise to the occasion #vintage advertising

Sexist Vintage Ads

Can it be?

10 Retro Ads That Made Women Look Like Complete Idiots

Midol, 1974 - That's right, be the you HE likes, even in your "Guy" wears patchwork quilt-esque shirts and looks like Ally Sheedy.

Why Your Body Needs Fat

Vintage 1930s ad for lard

1972 Audio Cassette ad. Slept with one of these under my pillow every night to listen to the tape I made from the radio.

I Don't Wear the Pants...but I Buy em'" (1947) Well I certainly hope she lays his clothes out for him the night before.

From pastilles to present: How Henry Rowntree (and some beloved sweets) turned his family firm into a national icon over 150 years

KitKat's Were Launched in the 1930's and Were Instantly A Favorite Candy Lover's Delight. Who Knew Those Babies Were That Old?

10 More Retro Ads That Made Women Look Like Idiots

If you love your husband you will keep your complexion lovely. If he leaves because you didn't use Palmolive-- you've only got yourself to blame!

Vintage Fitness Ads You Won't Believe Existed

Great old advertisement! Wish young women would have this mentality today! #freedommarketingcanada #advertising