Be careful with your words



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It's the obstacles that make you stumble that give you the strength to build new paths #fearlessfabulousyou

7 Quotes for When Times Are Hard ...

.....I don't know. I think I've seen some pretty haughty flowers in my time. I don't think a daisy could be prideful. But I think a rose might be...

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"Someone's therapist knows all about you."

Whisper - Share Secrets, Express Yourself, Meet New People

"Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture your heart." Spiritual Wisdom

Turquoise Jewelry - Turquoise Jewelry from the American Southwest

Applies to kind hearted men too. It takes a lot to be gentle yet strong. #strongwomen #inspiringquotes #wisdom

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God only sees the shouldn't we try to see what He sees? That's how we can love others as He has instructed.

Monday Motivation


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Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all

Quotes by Tsahizn Tseh on

Four things

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Native American

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Well this sure is appropriate right now.

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25 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Be A Fearless Writer

10 Inspiring Quotes From Kick-Ass Women: Do you have that entrepreneurial spirit and dream of being your own boss someday?

10 Inspiring Quotes From Kick-Ass Women

20 Motivational Quotes to Start Your Week

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Do not believe all the things you tell yourself late at night.

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Never let a stumble be the end of your #business journey. Pick yourself up, dust off and keep moving . #BizTip

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Worked to hard! #inspirational #fitness #quotes

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When you are thinking about joining a mastermind group, do you think about what you can bring to the group or do you just think about what you can get from the group?

Why Join a Mastermind? Mastermind Minute 1

If you want people to participate in your mastermind group, as the leader,, you need to make sure you re designing your group to draw out people maximum potential.

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Do you know the difference between a Mastermind Group and a Coaching Group? Yes, there is a difference and you should pick the one that best fits your needs.

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