Rosa Benítez

Rosa Benítez
Spain / Hi, I'm Rosa from Spain -17- ☾ ✝ ♓
Rosa Benítez
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✯ Point Atkinson lighthouse in lighthouse park, West Vancouver BC Canada

✯Point Atkinson Lighthouse Lighthouse Park is a popular park in West Vancouver British Columbia Canada

v c architect c3 tiny cabin camano 003   C 3 Cabin (And Plans) 480 Sq. Ft. Modern Loft Tiny Home

The cabin is extremely compact, only 352 sq., however inside there’s enough space for an open plan living room with a small kitchen, bathroom, and storage space. A ladder leads up to a sleeping loft above the open living space below.

Mapping Out Mandalas Tutorial by

Mapping Out Mandalas Tutorial. A more technical way to create mandalas, could be used in teaching math to M.