Bette Midler...From a distance.  Feel watched over.

Bette Midler - From a Distance (official video)I love this lady she is so wonderfully gracious, beautiful, and funny. When I'm having a not so good day her voice lifts me.

I want to hang with these folks on a desert island!  Carole King & James Tyalor - So Far Away

Carole King & James Tyalor - So Far Away. One of my Carole King songs:)

Bach Cello Suite No.1 - Prelude (Yo-Yo Ma) - Two masters...

Bach Cello Suite - Prelude (Yo-Yo Ma) Yo-Yo Ma is the very person who makes me proud to be a cellist

Requiem - Mozart directed by Gardiner - YouTube; my favorite movements are at 20:04 Confutatis, 22:24 Lacrimosa, 32:40 Sanctus followed by the nice quartet of the Benedictus, and the Fugue of the Communio at 42:40; a great performance with baroque instruments included :)

Requiem of Mozart - John Eliot Gardiner Barbara Bonney, Soprano.