Things That Go! class book for transportation theme in preschool

Transportation Art in Preschool

This transportation center activity includes three sorting mats for land, water, and air as well as 36 color photos of vehicles for moving.Photos include cars, trucks, airplanes, helicopters, submarines, ships, boats, trains, space shuttle, rocket, as well as hiking feet.This activity is also found in my Transportation Bundle.For all Transportation related supplies, please check out my Transporation category.My Question of the Day Bundle also has questions for this theme.

Transportation Sort Photos

This Transportation Q-tip or cotton swab painting set is great for working on fine motor skills with your preschool or kindergarten students in a fun way. The set includes 9 color pages and 9 black line pages with clip art. Vehicle images include airplane, boat, car, helicopter, ice skates, jet, rocket, train, unicycle.This set is also included in my Transportation Bundle:Transportation Bundle

Transportation Q-tip Painting

Using magnets to make train cars follow taped paths

Using Magnet Power To Make It Go

The transportation theme is used every year in my classroom. This bundle currently contains:An emergent reader called "We Go!" that can be read together, colored, and taken home to read with family.A set of stamping pages for your stamping center. These pages include stamp and write or just stamp pages, both in color and grayscale.A land, air, and water sort with real photo images of thirty six transportation vehicles as well as three mats.A q-tip or cotton swab fine motor activity center ...

Transportation Bundle

3D Spinning hot air balloon craft for kids using paper and a toilet paper roll! This art project is great for Spring or Summer time |

Spinning 3D Hot Air Balloon Craft for Kids to Make - Crafty Morning

Here's a simple paper airplane that flies without all of the complicated folding. Perfect for little ones!

DIY Straw Paper Airplanes

Bridges Preschool Theme (Stay At Home Educator) - STEM bridge building for early ages

Four Bridges To Build And Test With Preschoolers

Things That Go Sensory Bin --- transportation theme fish and sort

Facilitating Learning for Preschool Students

Transportation Roll, Count, and Cover Game for Preschool and Kindergarten

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Traffic Light Song

Milk Carton Traffic Light

Boarding pass voor themahoek vliegveld, juf Petra van kleuteridee, boarding pass for role play.


Kindergarten Sorting & Categorizing Worksheets: Transportation Match Up Worksheet

Transportation Match Up

» Land, Water, Air – Sorting Transportation Game Nuttin But Preschool

Land, Water, Air - Sorting Transportation Game

Train Station sign

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Editable Rail Tickets-

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Train station role play

Train Station Role Play Pack

Kindergarten - Dramatic play - Train station

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Laura's Lily Pad

Construction puzzle printables! Would probably only use the first one since for some reason they are not formatting correctly for me after that.

Early Learning with Marta, Eaton and Nathaniel: Free Puzzles

Giant digger picture for display (SB10689) - SparkleBox

Giant digger picture for display (SB10689) - SparkleBox

Giant boat picture for display (SB10625) - SparkleBox

Giant boat picture for display (SB10625) - SparkleBox

teach shapes, colors, simple words, and creativity all in one! - Free printable: Transportation Pattern Block Mats

Transportation Pattern Block Mats - PreKinders

Transportation PreK Pack

Free Transportation PreK Pack

Transportation Theme : 22 Number Puzzles | Counting to 10

Transportation Theme : 20 Number Puzzles | Counting to 10 / Counting to 100

Train Station Role Play Display Heading

Train Station Role Play Teaching Resources - Role Play Areas - Train Station Activities - Train Station Primary Resources - Train Station Resources for kindergarten and elementary schools - Train Station Resources for Teaching - Printables for kindergarten and elementary schools - Teachers Website