The world on a string, my minds eye captured through the lens

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Colors • photo: Walt Kras on 500px

Sweet Iridescence by Byron Fli Walker

You were Born to Be Real not perfect

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night cat

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©Yasmin Simpson

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Jacqueline Smith

Squirrel by ervin kobakçi - ~LadyLuxury~

winter by ervin kobakçi


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My grandma told me that our ancestors had locked all misery in a jar. That's why we were so happy and healthy. Well that was destroyed when I accidently found it in our basement.. and dropped it

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Lily 'Starlette' so pretty it doesn't even look real.

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Don't know why this creeps me out, but it does! // The father's chair #Abandoned #photography #abandonedplaces #abandon #decay

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Don a stylish peacoat | Stylishly muted peacoat |

Don a Chic Peacoat

midnight in Paris

National Geographic (natgeopix) on Twitter

I brought you a flower…

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Stumbled across this, quite beautiful


How to Fall In (and Out) of Love:

Gas Pump - Route 66 Arizona

Photograph of Gas Pump 1 - Route 66 - Route 66 Photography


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It's all there in black and white

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^Hybiscus 'Tahitian Lion Queen'

Totaly Outdoors: ~Hybiscus 'Tahitian Lion Queen'

'October Glory' -- photo: Patrick O'Leary

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True serenity

Autumn Splendor | A1 Pictures

Sunset at the Salt River in Torrevieja, Valencia, Spain.

The Living... — ninbra: Salt River. Torrevieja, Valencia, Spain.


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Magical mist

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