Try to be positive of location and size before the needle hits your skin!  How to Create Your Own Temporary Tattoo

Make a Temporary Tattoo

How to Create Your Own Temporary Tattoo- use gel pen to draw the design. draww your tattoo on tracing paper. apply to skin and place wet cloth on top leave for about 30 seconds or so. remove with water

My Favourite Lip Art Products… Lip Art is taking... - Karla Powell Make-up Artist

Pop Art Lips 'KA POWell' Creative Lip Art Make-up by Karla Powell If I ever dress up like a comic book character again

Covering up brows

Erase Those Eyebrows: Brow Coverage So as it turns out our brow coverage tool was in our kindergarten craft box, not our makeup bag. Elmer's non toxic school glue stick. good to know for costume/cosplay/halloween/festivals etc.

31 Days of Halloween Day 18 - well... That's creepy as hell

I have a black dress with an hourglass cut out across the breasts and stomach. The perfect red bra underneath, and my red Dorothy heels, black shiny tights, black shiny gloves.

Just some horror themed makeup

halloween makeup inspiration -- torn open face, time consuming but relatively easy, you just need masking tape, liquid latex and fake blood. add creepy contacts for an epic effect