Le Rouge Handmade Chocolates and Cakes

Eclectic collection of handmade and hand decorated truffles and cakes for a discerning global palate...
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a birthday cake with a guitar on it
a heart shaped cake with chocolate and white polka dots
a chocolate cake topped with strawberries on top of a white polka dot covered plate
four cupcakes with yellow frosting and polka dots on them are arranged in rows
a chocolate cake with white sprinkles and crackers on top is sitting on a gold platter
there is a cake with polka dots and strawberries on it
a cake with blue icing and white flowers in the shape of a heart on top
a fancy cake with berries, blackberries and raspberries on top
a close up of a cake with flowers on it
a piece of cake with white frosting and oranges on it
several chocolates with red and white designs in a container on the counter top, ready to be eaten
four desserts in polka dot wrappers on a white plate with black and white dots
Creativity strikes again..... Introducing Le Rouge Chocolate Sushi @ lerougebyaarti.com
a plate with some food on top of it and orange sauce in the middle next to it
Open mango Diya
an assortment of food items on a white plate
Mango open truffle...