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9 Skills to GET YOUR CHILD READY FOR KINDERGARTEN: Whether your child is two years old or five, these skills are vital to his/her success in school. Build a strong foundation at home before your child starts school.

love it!

this little girl is adorable and her dress, hat, socks, and those baby chicks. this makes me think of Stephanie and how cute my grand daughter will be

Dress up

Cutest Dress up closed DIY. Now the dress up costumes can have its own dedicated "closet" and at the same time it decorates the little ones space. Or make a smaller one to hang up and store doll clothes. Adorable idea for a little girl!

moroccan tea

morrocan mint tea I love the mixture of the silver teapot and the tea glasses. Enjoyed this tea for the first time in Morocco.


Limited-Edition ''Once Upon a Dream'' Sleeping Beauty Figurine by Lenox

Buy Disney® by Lenox® Sleeping Beauty Once Upon a Dream Cake Topper from at Bed Bath & Beyond. A dream becomes reality for Sleeping Beauty, who waltzes with Prince Phillip.

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