Brice Jensen

Brice Jensen

Be who you are and never give up. Always believe in yourself. Never let anyone tell you who you are. Be yourself, not someone else. It doesn't matter what you l
Brice Jensen
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Not sure where to pot Slenderman. He isn't a zombie or a ghost, but he's definetly ghoulish.

This is amazing art of slenderman, the darkness around him gives him a really creepy aura, which I love


Fashion disaster - This outfit screams: "I am hot (spelled: promiscuous), looking for a really buff guy - morals are not necessary and not an asset." You probably don't speak the language and don't know what the outfit says to men.

Cute Jeans, cute bag and nice shirt....that's all that matters

I love this outfit. That scarf is super cute. It adds a whole new feel to the outfit. Those jeans with the white tee look so comfy not to mention those sandels! One of my favorites. Fashionista Trends - Click image to find more fashion posts