LiliUm Garden Montessori

LiliUm Garden Montessori
Modra, Slovakia / Montessori rodinné centrum
LiliUm Garden Montessori
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"Making Montessori Ours": Make a Land Water & Air Mat

This is our version of a DIY Land, Water & Air Mat. This lesson is highly recognized, and has many versions and DIY options for prese. 640x 5b 76 27 5b7627bfea70baae587a979083bd3080.jpg

Counting Game Apple - Zählspiel Apfel Plus

lop and learn fine motor bands

loop and learn activity bands. Great idea, may make a version of these for Henry. Great for learning dressing skills

Practical Life- I love this!  Now I just need someone to make this for me!

A description of the Practical Life area of the Montessori environment. Some of the materials therein are shown through pictures and tells the purpose behind the exercises.

Watercolors by Maria Stezhko (Акварели Марии Стежко): Winter dreams

Dear Universe, Please get me to a cozy cabin in the snowy alpine forest. I will put on a fair isle sweater and arrange outdoor lanterns for.