Liliuska Rytsar

Liliuska Rytsar
Most important things in my life are my faith, my family, my hobby, books and music.
Liliuska Rytsar
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Farmhouse Style Dreamcatcher |

Oh boy friends, today was a Tuesday that felt like a Monday . thank goodness tomorrow is a Wednesday that will feel like a Saturday. And I definitely plan to make the most of it!

Ocean breeze… walks on the beach.. day in the spa… this is Serenity! I’d like my house painted in all …

Shari Carroll has put together a selection of calming colors for the Simon Says Stamp Color Coordinates. To see more about our Color Coordinates and this car.

Color Coordinates: Sweet Pea

Happy Friday everyone! It’s Shari here with a Color Coordinates recipe for you that is perfect for Spring, or in my case… my Valentines notes to my manly family. I’ve chosen muted tones of ink that g