TOP: LOFT // JEANS: LOFT I have had a lot of requests for a how to for this look and so excited to finally do it! It is actually really easy, minus some blood rushing to your head haha but here are the steps.. 1. Tip your head upside down and grab three strands and …

Tip your head upside down, grab three strands and dutch braid to the crown of your head. Secure with a pony tail and add bobby pins where necessary. Apply dry shampoo and twist into bun :)

Twisted Bun Hair Tutorial offers a few simple steps to make your dream hair style a reality.

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Best Hairstyles Ideas : Twisted Bun Hair Tutorial offers a few simple steps to make your dream hair styl…

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Waterfall Braid: The waterfall plait is the laissez-faire way to braid. It's more like a twist because you let one strand fall through the cracks, creating a cascading look. Tutorial: An Easy Waterfall Braid

Let's get real for just a sec. Most mornings, the snooze button gets priority over a few extra minutes of primping. We all know what it's like to roll out of bed with minutes to spare, only to stare into the mirror in absolute horror. You've got to get that mane under control. Lucky for you, we have solutions. Fast solutions. After all, it's spring, and you deserve to feel as fresh and beautiful as the season. If a little extra sleep helps you get gorgeous (yes, it's called beauty rest…

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Looking for a DIY that's part sophisticated decor and part middle school science experiment? Then we’ve got a plaster project with your name on it! Mix up your DIY Color Block Candle Holders Kit, available for in the Brit + Co HSN Shop.