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I came across this tutorial guide on how to draw a face . It focuses on the face patterns, shapes and features like eyes, lips and nose.practice drawing the eyes, how to draw lips, & a basic outline of drawing a face.

The artist's brush . . .

Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life ~ Pablo Picasso. I love to paint and draw. I love going to museums and art galleries.


Snegurochka (The Snow Maiden) is a character in Russian fairy tales. She is forever young and beautiful. According to the legend, she was made from snow, with two deep blue beads for eyes, and a piece of red ribbon for her mouth.

Statue Sculpture (Louvre - Les Trois Grâces) by Tiquetonne2067

"The Three Graces" Work of Jean-Jacques Pradier Musée du Louvre, Department of sculptures.


Cate Parr -- Watercolor Fashion Illustration, Print of Watercolor Painting, titled - Rosa.

By © Artist Charmaine Olivia

Charmaine Olivia is an artist based in San Francisco, California who is extremely curious and passionate about life, beautiful things. Her paintings are subjects of beautiful women fused with whimsy elements, which make them truly unique and memorable.

31 Wonderful Watercolor Portraits - From Soulful to Warped Watercolor Designs (TOPLIST)

31 Wonderful Watercolor Portraits

blue watercolor chart, so beautiful

blue watercolor chart, so beautiful . some of the lighter violets reminds me of my hydrangeas!