Mac’s Music & Art Salem, IN

A place to play (acrylics, watercolors, paintings, drawings, digital doodles and collages) Salem, Indiana ( rights…
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a drawing of a child with a dog in his lap, and an angel above him
‘Uncertainty Of Tomorrow’ todays digital doodle
a pencil drawing of two flowers on paper
AtlierShop - Etsy
Back to the drawing board, cone flower doodle from my garden
an abstract painting with red, white and blue designs on black paper that has stripes and dots all over it
ATC ink “Old Glory”
a white brick wall with a black and white painting hanging on it's side
From last weeks doodle… to this weeks painting “Fault Lines” , my vision of Tom Petty .
Acrylic 16” x 20”
a pencil drawing of a woman standing on top of a vase next to a fish
Random Sunday Doodle
a black and white photo of a man with his mouth open in the dark,
Fault Lines…todays digital doodle soon to be a painting
four different pictures of sunflowers on a black surface
ATCs my bee-bot and flowers series
a drawing of a purple flower on top of a book
Today’s Doodle‘Blazing Star’
Random Doodle
Random Doodle
Random doodle, neurographic mixed media Mixed Media
Random doodle, neurographic mixed media
a drawing of a sandcastle on the beach with buildings in the background and water
an artistic drawing of a sun over a beach
a painting of a flower with the word love on it
Zinnia Rain
Mixed Media 7 x 11 inches on heavy watercolor paper
a notebook with an abstract painting on it
AtlierShop - Etsy
‘Ugh’. Doodles