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A collaborative board for making your own Montessori and homeschool lessons and activities at home or in the classroom with these DIY pins! {Contributors please post no more that *TWO* posts per day to the board, Montessori only please, thanks!}
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Doing Montessori At Home With Your Baby ( 4 - 6 mo) | Montessori Nature | Montessori Toys | Baby 4 - 6 months | Montessori Method

Long list of free farm printables plus ideas for Montessori-inspired farm activities using replicas and printables

Variation of a Montessori phonics activity that focuses on small objects and hearing the beginning phonetic sound of a word - for toddlers and preschoolers. Post includes YouTube video tutorial.

Ideas for using Montessori book baskets for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers along with book recommendations. Post contains embedded YouTube video.

HUGE collection of free Montessori materials from the pioneers of free Montessori printables and from around the blogosphere. Includes free Montessori albums and lesson plans and free Montessori printables in more than one language.

Ideas for creating a Montessori-inspired sticky paper shape sorting and counting activity for toddlers and preschoolers; part of the Cool Maths for Cool Kids series

If you have a train lover (or a class with a number of them), you'll find lots of fun, free train printables and Montessori-inspired train activities for them here. There are train printables and activities for any season along with Polar Express printables and activities for Christmas.

Ideas for using phonics songs and Montessori principles to reinforce letter sounds. Post includes the Montessori Monday permanent collection.

Montessori-inspired life cycle activities with links to free life cycle printables

Montessori resources for care of pets at home or in the classroom

Roundup post with DIY Montessori sandpaper globe and continents globe plus presentation and extension ideas

Long list of free butterfly printables plus ideas for using free printables to create Montessori-inspired butterfly activities

Roundup post with Montessori-inspired activities for teaching woodworking skills along with woodworking projects for children at a variety of ages

Montessori washboard activity inspired by Laura Ingalls Wilder and part of the Montessori Services review and Booking Across the USA author/illustrator tour! Post includes the Montessori Monday permanent collection.

The Seven Natural Wonders Of The World Montessori Cards | Montessori Inspired Printables | Preschool Activities | Learning about natural world | Earth Day Activity | Montessori Nature Blog

Roundup of DIY Montessori fraction printables and presentation ideas. Post includes lots of free printables as well as the Montessori Monday permanent linky collection.

Simple Montessori Table Washing for Toddlers - blog post with embedded YouTube video showing a simple Montessori table-washing activity for toddlers. Post also has ideas for simplified table washing for babies and more elaborate table washing for preschoolers.

Animals That Help Humans Survive - Earth Day Activity - Montessori Cards | Montessori Inspired Printables | Preschool Educational Printables

The order for teaching letter recognition to kids - brilliant reasoning. A must read!!

This Montessori squeezing a sponge activity strengthens hand and finger muscles for writing and increases concentration at the same time. A practical life activity with variations for toddlers and preschoolers; post includes embedded YouTube video

Earth Day Vocabulary Photo Cards | Nature Activities for Preschool Children | Montessori Printables | Educational Materials |

Lots of Montessori phonics resources plus video to help parents teach letter sounds to their children at home. Video tells how to pronounce each letter sound, gives a suggested order for teaching letters, and includes a simple phonics game for toddlers!

Great idea for kids to learn math - numbers, counting, and measuring! Add a ruler to the side of a mirror. Brilliant for in the preschool classroom!

Ideas and resources for Montessori practical life cleaning activities for both toddlers and preschoolers - post includes YouTube video

Montessori-inspired activity of story stones - farm animal families treasure basket for toddlers. The post includes a short YouTube video plus a review of The Garden Classroom book by Cathy James.