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A collaborative board for making your own Montessori and homeschool lessons and activities at home or in the classroom with these DIY pins! {Contributors please post no more that *TWO* posts per day to the board, Montessori only please, thanks!}
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Video categories at Living Montessori Now with new category of free Montessori at Home videos! Post includes Montessori Monday permanent collection

What parent (or teacher) doesn't dread the cold and flu season for kids? Here you'll find lots of Montessori-inspired handwashing and other hygiene activities for home or classroom. You'll also find activities and resources on germs and the immune system, including parts of the blood

A magnetic marble run for the fridge! Great for quiet time for preschoolers.

A simple science experiment to show why leaves change color! This one is the coolest experiment for kids!

Gross motor activity for preschoolers - log balancing! Great for a rainy day or a snow storm to let kids blow off some steam!

A cute bathtub water wall idea! Great for tub time play!

Once Upon a Time - a MUST READ for any stay at home Mom's who need a little inspiration.

Learn to read Quiet Bins! This is such a great resource for how to teach kids to read.

Brilliant pattern activities for preschoolers! SO creative and perfect for quiet time activities too. Plus clothespins are great for strengthening hands and fine motor skills in kids.

These are AWESOME name activities for preschoolers! Teaching name recognition and name letters is a great first step to learning letters of the alphabet for kids.

Such a great homemade gift idea - a playdough construction site!

Great idea for water table play for kids! Using a hose as a siphon!

Playing with volume in the rice table. A great preschool activity!

Ideas for introducing Montessori rules and routines to toddlers at their own pace. Post includes embedded YouTube video.

A powerful post! What happens when this Mom stopped saying "hurry up!"

What Does Montessori Mean to You by Amanda Shaw on

Designing play spaces for your home - part 1 of this series explores ideas and inspiration for indoors. Mummy Musings and Mayhem

Montessori-Inspired Summer Playdough Activities and Montessori Monday Link-Up Collection

Montessori-Inspired Summer Playdough Activities and Montessori Monday Link-Up Collection

Montessori-Inspired Summer Playdough Activities and Montessori Monday Link-Up Collection

A Year of Montessori Early language Shelves

Another week of quiet box ideas for kids! This blog has the best ideas for quiet time activities for preschoolers!

Great quiet time activity! A qtip maze! This site has so many ideas for quiet time activities for kids.

42 of the coolest DIY Musical instruments for kids! I never would have thought of 12 - so simple! My preschoolers will love these crafts!

Kindergarten teacher playdough recipe! This is the best no-cook playdough recipe ever. 3 minutes to make and keeps for 6 MONTHS!