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    November Speech Therapy ideas

    November Speech Therapy ideas

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    Five days of Thanksgiving-themed counting practice. Great for early elementary or special education.

    Thanksgiving Count 1-5

    Speech Room News: A Peek at Thanksgiving.... SENSORY turkey. Perfect for describing!

    A Peek at Thanksgiving....

    This make a turkey sqishy bag sensory activity for toddlers and preschoolers takes less than five minutes to make, but provides lots of fine-motor practice for your little one!

    Make a Turkey Squishy Bag Sensory Activity

    This 10 page adapted book has students practice "Which" questions using turkeys. Students read a question that describes a part of the turkey. Then they choose the answer from a field of 3 "This turkey" cards that match the description. Examples:"Which turkey has purple feathers?""Which turkey has a blue head?""Which turkey has an orange beak?"This resource also includes a table visual that includes colors and labels parts of a turkey.Please use the preview file to check out the book pages...

    Adapted Book: Which Turkey? {Autism & Special Ed}

    Thanksgiving Language & Articulation activities that you don't have to print, cut or laminate! This no print product is Thanksgiving themed, which means all pages, pictures and questions have to do with Thanksgiving! This product includes:36 Preposition pages - In Front Of, Behind, Next To, Beside, Around, In, Out, Near, Far, Above, Below, Up High, Down Low, On, Off, Between, Over, Under50 WH Question Pages - 10 of Each What, Where, When, Why, Who20 Category Questions - People, food, an...

    Thanksgiving Language & Articulation Activities - No Print


    Where is the Turkey?


    Thanksgiving Preposition Interactive Placemats FREE!


    301 Moved Permanently


    Thanksgiving Preposition & Concept Matching Game


    Thanksgiving Turkey Prepositions for Speech Therapy

    Thanksgiving Bracelet

    Thanksgiving Bracelet


    Thanksgiving Hunt (oral Expression,Matching,Visual Discrim) 50% off first 2 days


    Feast for 10: Book Companion Printable Reader


    Thanksgiving FREE

    Check out these FREE Thanksgiving bump games for practicing idioms and context clues! These games are lots of fun and require very minimal prep. They are perfect to use in your November reading centers or as extension activities when students complete their work!

    'Bump' Up The Fun With These Free Thanksgiving Games!

    More Holiday Dinner! by Maverick Software LLC

    More Holiday Dinner! on the App Store

    Thanksgiving Language is a fantastic way to use the Thanksgiving holiday as a basis for language practice. There are five sections in this product, divided by skills level. Each section includes several activities: flash cards, games, photos, and worksheets and are aligned with Common Core State Standards:CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.9 Compare and contrastCCSS.ELA-Literacy.SL.1 Participate in conversationsCCSS.ELA-Literacy.SL.3 Ask and answer questions, summarizeCSS.ELA-Literacy.S.4 Report on a topi...

    Thanksgiving Language

    This is an literacy/activity pack for Thanksgiving. This pack meant for the more linguistically challenged students and is perfect for speech/OT or speech/special ed collaboration. This is nice for integrating literacy and hand-on activities. You are purchasing two interactive books and a craftivity with an assortment of visual supports for all.

    Thanksgiving Literacy/Activity Packet---great for EC/SLP collaboration

    This Thanksgiving themed activity can be used to target both vocabulary and attributes!To prepare: (Vocabulary) Print out a dinner setting for each student. Laminate for durability, if desired. Print out all food items, cut out, and laminate for durability, if desired. (Attributes) Print out a dinner setting for each student.

    On My Thanksgiving Dinner Plate: A Vocabulary and Attribute Activity

    This download contains:*Turkey, Turkey What Will You Eat, an interactive reader*Coloring worksheet*Pictures of Pilgrim children and food and utensil pictures*Ocean scene and Thanksgiving pictures *16 Picture Cue Cards*16 Written Cue Cards*Thanksgiving BingoSuggestions for use:Turkey, Turkey, is an interactive, repetitive reader that is perfect for students who have difficulty with visual attention.

    Turkey, Turkey: An Interactive Reader with Related Language Activities

    This book includes:1. A Super Cute Thanksgiving Story2. Matching Pieces3. Thankful Cue Cards4. Blank Thankful Cards5. Thankful WorksheetsMonaes Books are Interactive Stories used for developing and improving receptive and expressive language skills for children with language and/or learning disabilities.


    This is a monthly themed speech and language packet for November which includes the following thematic materials:11 Tier 1 words (with pictures); describing worksheet. Pgs. 3-517 Tier 2 (with context) words; describing worksheet. Pgs. 6-9Veteran articulation word cards: 7 /sh, ch/ words in mixed positions, 13 /r/ words in mixed positions, 13 /l/ words in mixed positions, 13 /s/ words in mixed positions (all sets using Thanksgiving & veteran themed words) Pgs. 10-16Thankful Word List /k...

    November Thanks for Speech and Language

    On My Thanksgiving Dinner Plate: A Vocabulary and Attribu

    On My Thanksgiving Dinner Plate: A Vocabulary and Attribute Activity

    These interactive books are designed to help your students answer basic who and what questions. The first book focuses on who questions. Each page features pictures of a turkey, Native American, and Pilgrim as well as a who question about the picture.

    Thanksgiving Interactive Books