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Women with Weapons

Women with guns and other weapons. Knives, swords, bows and more.

Women with Weapons

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Sporterized SKS with a sling and an optic.



  • KJ B
    KJ B

    Lady Croft?

  • Alec Murray
    Alec Murray

    Lora Craft!

  • Kalani

    Daryl (Norman Reedus) from "The Walking Dead" series, may just have a twin out there, lol.

  • KJ B
    KJ B

    Lara Croft, not Lora Craft.

Girls with Guns | Girls-with-guns-200 – SoshiTech

  • Harmonie McCoy
    Harmonie McCoy

    Shut up. Are you kidding me right now.

Girls with Gun: This is just Classy Girl with Preppy Pearls



Girls with Guns

Guns and Gals Amy Tabano

  • Ryan Nadeau
    Ryan Nadeau


  • Deep South
    Deep South

    SO HOT

  • nusko x
    nusko x

    Yess off course ;-)

Not sure what the hell she's doing...but she's got a gun so thar she snoooowwwws.

Full Of Weapons: Operators Operating Operationally !


Choosing The Right Self-Defense Weapon

  • Scott Barker
    Scott Barker

    too bad the front sight post is obscuring the optics

  • Weapons Living
    Weapons Living

    Could be the angle the picture was taken...But wouldn't be surprised, could just be a glamour shot...

Babe with a gun

  • Anakin Fett
    Anakin Fett

    Page from "American Guns"

Tactical Girls

  • Samuel Ibarra
    Samuel Ibarra

    she is beautiful is she single?

Sexy Ladies with Proper Trigger Discipline. Click the image to go to a full gallery of images like this.

  • cynthia holley
    cynthia holley

    Gotta love that 2nd amendment

  • Weapons Living
    Weapons Living

    Yes you do...Yes you do

Guns Girls extended clip 32 shots fukers


Nice Cammo!

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Women with weapons