Animals Animals and More Animals!

Animals Animals and More Animals!

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3 / 21 – Meet Hydrangea, a 6 months 3 days Shih Tzu / Terrier, Pit Bull available for adoption in MISSION, KS Contact Information Address 5918 S Broadmoor Street, MISSION, KS, 66202 Phone (913) 831-7387 Website www.unleashedresc... / Email unleashedrescue@g...

#TEXAS ~ Lilly is a Spayed Labrador Retriever mix #puppy dog seeking a loving #adopter at the EAST LAKE PET ORPHANAGE 10101 E Northwest Hwy #Dallas TX 75238 mailto:elpo@welov... Ph 214-342-3100

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) in Pets

The Onyx & Breezy Foundation

Having Trouble Affording Your Pet? : The Humane Society of the United States(list of resources)

Pet Food Stamps

Genetically modifying animals for pets.

Aflatoxins, found in some dog food, can cause acute lethal illness and cancer in animals and humans. healthypets.merco...

Pygmy Rabbits Winter Over In Washington - The Rainforest Site

Eastern box turtles is an adoptable Box Turtle in Cameron, NC. We recently rescued around 60 eastern box turtles from the same residence they were adopted!

Apple was adopted!

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Kung Fu Katt

Dr. Becker on Cryptococcal Infection

Fruit bat. Bats pollinate our crops and spread seeds vital for forest growth.

OMG! An Angel!

Study finds looking at cute baby animal pics improves performance on tasks after viewing.

Experts Tell NIH to Retire Most Research Chimps, But Not All

Horses Stunned Before Each Others’ Eyes in UK Slaughterhouse

841 Goats, Some Lame and Starving, Found in Santa Cruz Barn

TEXAS ~ .Austin Animal Center providing free pet ID microchips to all residents this weekend Saturday the Dec 29th through Monday the 31st 11:00am to 5:00pm. Please help get there with your pet ♥ & ♥ help word out !!

The jackass penguin, a flightless seabird, is found nowhere in the world except off the coast of southern Africa, i.e. it is endemic to this area. It breeds on 24 offshore islands between Namibia and Port Elizabeth. (ya learn something everyday!)

If you care about the future of your Planet..........

Manhattan Neigboring Pet fosters/Adopters Urgently Needed Animal Care & Control web servers have been down since the storm, local shelters have lost power, and there has been a lack of support from local chapters of National Animal Groups. So there are a lot of homeless kitties and lost doggies who desperately need you to adopt or foster them, or else they'll start being killed next week. (if you cannot foster or adopt, please repin!0

(They are having a caption contest! click on link and go to bottom of page, it's for face book!)