Mini eye shadow compact tutorial

Mini eye shadow compact

Tutorial: Dollhouse Charcoal Grill

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How to make rock caves and waterfalls using pink Styrofoam and hot glue! - Tanu's note: black rocks, neon green water and skeletons sitting on rocks

LUDstuff!: January 2011

Snowman cake

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clay coffee cup tutorial

clay coffee cup tutorial by cihutka123 on deviantART

cake tuto

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The Enchanted Gallery: How to make miniature food with polymer clay - Bread boule and baguette tutorial

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DIY miniature dollhouse sink (skirted)

nines, dolls, poupée, muñecas: Tutorial aigüera

Debby Arts: McDonald's menù - Miniature Clay - Fimo tutorial

Debby Arts: McDonald's menù - Miniature Clay - Fimo tutorial

Polymer Clay Tutorials The following is an ever growing list of the best tutorials for Dollhouse Miniatures made of Polymer Clay. They come in all kinds of languages so to follow them just go by what you see :)

Cotton Candy Castle: Polymer Clay Tutorials

Lea's tutorial list for miniatures

Une ombrelle fonctionnelle ... Un coffre à

Doll Wig instructions

Noella Tutorial - Making the Wig

How to make #miniature pancakes out of #polymer #clay!

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DIY dollhouse furniture ideas

Made by Joel » Doll House Furniture

gazing ball: marble and upside down mini flower pot. tutorial #miniature

Doll-sized Garden Gazing Ball - Think Crafts by CreateForLess

Liberty Biberty: Enamelware how to make canisters

Liberty Biberty: Enamelware

These miniature bowls are made by the other tutorial, and painted with a "faux-stone" paint. They look like real pottery.

Miniatures et maisons de poupees : nouveautés

Popcorn Machine and Printable Popcorn Containers in Dollhouse Scales

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polymer clay gumball machine [Flickr: inediblejewelry] - buy glass globes from miniature dollhouse supply shops and clean the the paint off using nail polish remover, if needed

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great tutorials.

Todd Toys and Miniatures -

diy dollhouse furniture

Dollhouse Decorating!: doll house kitchen

Anna-Carin's miniatures - DIY projects

Anna-Carin's miniatures - DIY projects

Making boots for BJD tutorial by ~scargeear on deviantART

Making boots for BJD tutorial by scargeear on deviantART

Chocolates box layers ~By Michelle~

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Liz Lincoln /Eliza Madison