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Homemade Canvas Art

Homemade Canvas Art - poke lights through the tips! cool light art print or painting project for new year, christmas , bonfire night teens club , or school art project , great wall art gift make too


Diy painted art- paint all black, lay two strips of tape down, paint three different colors, add black stickers, modge podge over everything.

easy canvas painting ideas 22

This piece shows emphasis. The one red tree is the main focal point and center of interest. It is the same as all the other trees except that it's red. It's the dominant tree. Your attention is immediately drawn to the red tree.

Straws | 50 Unexpected Wreaths You Can Make Out Of Anything

Create a candy-cane inspired Christmas wreath by repurposing festive red and white striped straws; glue the straws in a circular pattern around a wreath form and continue to layer them until you cover the entire form.