A Sharpie and alcohol art project on canvas with incredible results!

Sharpie and rubbing alcohol art project on canvas with incredible results! Fun project for the kids. or me!

DIY stamp: Made from wood & rope

Elsewhere: A New Art Technique to Try

A simple method for introducing print making to kids and for making DIY modern wall art. > or wrapping paper

Valentine’s Day Hand Print Crafts

Foot and Hand Print LOVE Painting: Great Valentine's Day Gift Idea for Kids to Make.need to make w/ashea's lil hand & foot prints!

diy wall art made of circles that will make your walls pop!

I would love to do this with some of the kids art someday! DIY Colorful Wall Art diy crafts craft ideas easy crafts diy ideas diy idea diy home easy diy diy art for the home crafty decor home ideas diy decorations craft art diy wall art craft wall art

Paint with Rocks...fun painting activity for kids!

Painting with Rocks

Rock and Roll Painting Create a masterpiece with this simple and fun painting with rocks activity. View this kids activity at Fantastic Fun and Learning!

custom portrait stamps. awesome.

Custom stamp / couple portrait / hand carved rubber stamps / for stampin up weddings marriage personalized gift fabric paper save the date

ORIGINAL love abstract street art urban pop art acrylic paint word colorful painting Valentine's Day

Superhero Birthday Entrance: Planning my son's Coolest Superhero birthday party was So Much FUN. The decor was focused on his main superheroes: Spiderman, Silver Surfer, Batman,

Going to try this next time :0)

Painting tip: cut out side of milk container and use bottom to hold paint with built in handle and paint brush holder. Brush at that angle makes me twitch but good call on a disposable paint can with handle

use old laundry basket to paint design on wall

old laundry basket = polka dot wall stencil. A polka dot laundry room? Yes, please!

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